Why should you use
Construction Equipment Productivity Software

One of the main challenges of construction projects is accurately estimating resources needed for the successful completion of the job. Calculating machinery output is a difficult task and work performance is often assumed from experience. Equipment resources are frequently overallocated or used ineffectively which leads to cost overruns and work delays.

The task of Construction Equipment Productivity Software (C·E·P·S) is to make the estimation process easier, faster, more precise and to give you the ability to find machines with best performance at lowest cost rates. C·E·P·S is a tool that gives your Project managers and Engineers a helping hand in determining the most effective group of machines for the task at hand.

All you have to do is fill out the parameters of the construction site and the work scope, choose the machines that are available to you and duration of work, and the program will calculate number of needed pieces of equipment. From there, you can change the brigade composition, duration or amount of work and find the best solution that fits your constraints. ​

C·E·P·S contains three modules, each one specified for different area of work:

Our database contains over 500 individual pieces of equipment, each one loaded per manufacturers specifications.

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